Third Party Home Inventory

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"The Name Says It All "

                                             Our services

  Our Prices depend on the size of the home and the quantity of the items to be inventoried, please call us for a quote .

  Basic inventory               or          detailed inventory

Our prices for a basic package range from $200 minimum to $500 depending on the size and the quantity of items to be inventoried . Please call us with any other questions or concerns you may have .There are flexible plans to purchase and various modes of payment as well .

    Third Party Home Inventory

    our bottom line

    We will do our utmost to ensure that there is a minimal disruption, if any during the inventory process. We will work with you, the client to ensure you have an accurate inventory.

    We do not work with ladders,climb or move or unload rooms or storage areas.   .

    We will not open drawers or doors nor touch anything or unhook products to get serial numbers. unless the client would like us to .

    The client will supply the serial numbers .The client will also be with us at all times during the inventory or as deemed necessary by the client.This is essential to give the values of the items or point out any special attributes of the items.

    We value the security of our clients first and foremost.

    That is why none of their information is stored on the web, ever !

                                    yearly Update services

     basic inventory only       or         detailed   inventory




    basic Inventory

    A pictorial inventory is comprised of digital images that will be taken of all items deemed noteworthy by the client.  Full room shots and outside shots will be taken as well.There will be no written inventory done, as this is a basic inventory only.

    The basic inventory should be given to

    your insurance company or agent for

    verification at the time of a loss.

    Duplicate pictorial inventories are available,

    please ask about this service. If the yearly

    update option is not taken, the information

    from the inventory will be purged,  from our

    system after one year from the original

    inventory date .

    Detailed inventory


    a detailed inventory includes the pictorial

    inventory as well as a detailed written inventory.

    The value of any and all items are also in this

    inventory. The prices derive from the owner

    and not from Third Party Home Inventory.

    Copies of the written inventory to be supplied

    as well as a disc of the information with pictorial

    supplied. If the customer chooses, there is an

    option for a full detailed printout of the written

    inventory or a duplicate copy. If the yearly

    update is not chosen, this information will also

    be purged from our system, after  one year

    from the original inventory date .