• what happens to  the information that is gathered by Third Party home inventory ?


We at Third Party Home |Inventory value your security immensely.The information is securely stored off site and not on the internet.

We do not release any of the information attained through an inventory to anyone, unless the client wishes us to. We are not web based. Any information storage is done off site in a secured environment and is not on the web whatsoever .

  • what happens if my place isn't spotless for the home inventory ?


Third Party Home Inventory does not expect anyone's home to appear spotless pre-inventory .

There is a pre-inventory checklist that we can email the customer to ensure a smoother inventory .

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  • Why do i need a home inventory ?


Everyone who has home insurance should have a home inventory, to gauge that their coverage is sufficient for their belongings. It also simplifies the entire process.

That being said, it is also good for people to get if they don't currently have home insurance. It might help them decide it is worth getting home insurance coverage after all .

  • what happens when i purchase new items post inventory ?


Third Party Home Inventory has a yearly update option which is available. Please contact us to get the rates.It also helps if you need to subtract items that have been replaced as well.

Third Party Home Inventory

  • are there any hidden costs ?

All the charges or fees are to be discussed and presented to the customer prior to booking the

inventory appointment .. Nothing is hidden and everything is detailed for you to see .

  • how far will your business travel ?


We will travel wherever our services are needed within reason . If we have to travel to remote locations or distant ones we elect to book 3 or 4 appointments minimum in the vicinity. Those bookings can be done over the phone or by email with the proper information required.in order to proceed.

   Third Party Home Inventory

"The Name Says It All "

  • why can't I just do a home inventory myself ?

You could do a home inventory yourself provided you could find the time,but if that is the case why would you not have one currently? It is recommended for everyone who has home insurance to have a detailed inventory of their personal belongings in case of a loss whether partial or if it is a whole loss. Having one done by a Third Party helps to verify that the goods in question were actually in your possession and were in the state inferred to in your claim.

The first thing an insurance adjuster or investigator hears from a customer is that they never thought this catastrophe could actually happen to them !

Don't let that be you act now and call or email us today .