Third Party Home Inventory

"The Name Says It All "

how it works

We can supply a quote over the phone or email . We  will set up the inventory appointment and explain all the services to be rendered and the charges incurred from those services,  This can also be done by phone or email ,with an email acknowledgement.

Once the inventory is done you can go back to relaxing and enjoying your down time or holidays and the like.

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Protect yourself

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About us

3 reasons we started a home inventory company.

  • I have had two of my homes broken into and it was very stressful to say the least. I recall walking through, trying to remember everything that was taken, while feeling angry and violated. I did not get the proper amount for my claims, as my proof of verification was limited. I am sure my recall was tainted by all the turmoil.
  • Someone we know had told us about a recent  house fire they had and  how they lost everything.  They had to find a place to live and acquire clothing and essentials  to last them, while waiting for their claim. Think about it, they lost everything ! They also had a hard time remembering everything they had.All the stress was unbearable and was impossible to comprehend unless it happened to you.
  • I did a home inventory myself, on an impulse and discovered that I was way underinsured.I needed to raise my coverage to two and a half times larger than what I was currently insured for. I am wondering how many other people, are in the same situation. 

Maybe it's time for you to get a home inventory done ?

Don't put it off until it's too late

Don't hesitate,be properly covered

   Third Party Home Inventory